Sicilian majolica

Majolica: from antiquity to modern haute couture

A timeless look From the Neolithic age to the latest haute couture trends: majolica seems to encapsulate a timeless appeal that is unaffected by the passing of time; on the contrary, the designs and motifs that make these ceramics world-famous possess a charm that still inspires artists in the most […]

Our tips to keep your majolica tiles always shiny

Should you choose a standard hob or a Kuttura one? To be sure that even after many years your kitchen will still be as shiny and beautiful as when it was first installed, it is essential to know how to take care of each of its surfaces.Of all surfaces, the […]

Majolica tiles: at the heart of Sicilian craftsmanship

Artistic expressions of Sicilian culture Undisputed protagonists of Kuttura hobs, Sicilian majolica tiles are incredibly ancient decorative elements, true excellences of a form of craftsmanship that is recognised worldwide as a virtuous example of Made in Italy.Bright hues reminiscent of the colours of Sicily itself and geometric yet sinuous motifs […]