High quality products

Certified technologies for maximum performance

Kuttura does not only create works of art of high aesthetic value, but is also committed to making safe and reliable products, true technical excellence of Italian industry and the result of extensive research and testing in specialised laboratories.
Guaranteed to last over time due to the high quality of the materials used and the innovative techniques, the validity of Kuttura hobs is also linked to the ease with which they can be cleaned and checked over time through maintenance.


Technical details

Safety and efficiency

One of the distinguishing features of Kuttura gas hobs is the triple-crown burner design with vertical flame, conceived to guarantee greater efficiency, less waste, less dispersion and maximum cooking uniformity.

The number of burners is customisable, just like the size of the entire hob; the burners are equipped with a one-hand ignition control, and include the Sicurgas safety system, which guarantees full safety.