A work of art inside your kitchen

Why settle for a standard, mass-produced hob, identical to many others, when you can add an extra touch of style to your kitchen by choosing a handmade, unique and inimitable hob?
Kuttura hobs are handcrafted products of the highest quality, true works of art that are the outcome of the combination of advanced technology with the craftsmanship of Sicilian master majolica makers.

Why choose Kuttura

The best hobs for lovers of beauty

Research, production flexibility, the development of new technologies and creativity are the elements that allow us to produce innovative and elegant hobs that adapt to and anticipate the needs of the customer, who is directly involved in the entire process of creating the product.
If the kitchen is your kingdom, installing a Kuttura hob that matches the decor and style of the room will allow you to create the perfect atmosphere.

Our offer

customizability and efficiency

Customisable design

Designed to fit the design requirements of your kitchen.

Technical excellence

Gas hobs that guarantee everyday maximum efficiency.

Many different styles

A wide range of decorations to fit your style.

Built to last

Modern technologies for guaranteed high performance over time.

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