Save your money: how to reduce energy consumption

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Recently, more and more Italian households have found themselves facing much heavier bills than in the past, as a consequence of rising commodity costs and rising inflation.

This has meant that saving on electricity and gas has become a central concern in the daily lives of many families, in addition to the increasingly pressing need to stem the ongoing climate crisis.

But is it really possible to find a way to save energy resources and thus do our pockets and our planet a favour?

Luckily, the answer is yes: it is a goal that can be achieved through the observance of small but useful precautions within everyone’s reach, some of which have been collected below.

Time bands for electricity consumption

Did you know that the cost of electricity consumption can vary from one time of day to another? Just ask your electricity manager to find out in which time slots it is cheaper to consume more energy (e.g. starting the washing machine or the iron).

Tricks in the kitchen

To reduce consumption and ensure less dispersion, we suggest choosing your kitchen hob very carefully, opting for cutting-edge technology such as that suggested by Kuttura. In daily use, however, it is useful to know that using the lid will allow you to reach the desired temperature in less time.

Choose the right oven for your needs

The oven is one of the elements in the kitchen that consume the most: to limit consumption, it might be useful to favour gas ovens over electric ones, or choose a small oven, which will allow the desired temperature to be reached in less time.

Dishwashers and washing machines

The ideal way to use these appliances involves full load cycles and temperatures that are not too high. These are small measures that will allow you to limit consumption.

Air conditioners

They are crucial both in the hottest months as well as in the coldest ones: air conditioners should always be used paying attention to the set temperature, which should not be more or less than 6 degrees above or below the outside one. Room doors should also be closed and the air conditioner turned off when you leave the room.

The lighting system

Installing LED bulbs will be the most cost-effective choice for low-cost lighting.


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