About Kuttura

A combination of tradition and innovation

Kuttura is a Sicilian company that originates from the desire to introduce everyone to the beauty, quality and passion that animate the world of Sicilian craftsmanship.
The result of an entirely original project in Italy, Kuttura produces artifacts that adapt to the space and design of each kitchen, true works of art tailored to the customer’s needs.

High quality materials

Handcrafted majolica tiles and modern technologies that guarantee high performance. 
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Satisfied customers

Each Kuttura hob is tailored to the needs of the customer and decorated according to the client's taste. 
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Why choose us

The solution for every architectural project

Handcrafted products

Each hob is a unique piece: our craftsmen create innovative masterpieces that express a mix of technique, design and functionality,qualities that make Made in Italy appreciated all over the world.

Customisation possibilities

Artifacts that are capable of perfectly matching the space and design of any kitchen thanks to the wide range of customisation possibilities they offer the customer, both in terms of size and decoration.

Art and Technologies

Kuttura is a true work of art, skilfully modelled by Sicilian majolica masters and decorated by hand. At the same time, it is also a high quality hob that guarantees high performance over time.

Quality materials

Hobs with CE certification and IMQ mark, highly functional and easy to clean. High-quality materials and original designs help create works of art that are just as elegant as they are durable.

Our mission

An exceptional cooking experience

If cooking is a form of art, it takes little to realise how the pleasure of this experience can only intensify if performed on a hob that is itself a work of art.
It is from this idea that the Kuttura hob was born, a real jewel born from the passion of Sicilian master majolica makers, who to this day produce top-quality products requested all over the world.

How to choose us

Install a Kuttura hob


Choose your style

Look through our catalogue and be inspired by the many styles offered by Kuttura.

Contact us

Choose the model that suits you, visit our contact page and request a quote.

Customize it

Define the aesthetic details of your hob and proceed with the installation.

Enjoy your Kuttura hob

Now all you have to do is admire the masterpiece in your kitchen!


If you're interested in Kuttura

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