Design: Sicilian style n.3
Type Gas hob
Number of burners: 4
Product size: 60 cm x 51 cm
Cut-out size: 55 cm x 48 cm
Customisable in size and aesthetics: Yes
Sicurgas safety management system: Yes


The product in detail

The kitchen is the heart of your home, the place where affection for your loved ones and the pleasure of eating well come together in the creation of your favourite dishes. To be inspired by a hob that embodies the creativity and diversity of Sicilian culture can only be an advantage for your culinary creations.

This design by Kuttura, in particular, captures the very fruit that, since antiquity, has been one of the most representative symbols of fertility, abundance and good luck: the sweet and unmistakable pomegranate.
Different shades of green and orange thus come together in a balanced and elegant composition, guaranteeing style and personality to your kitchen.