Design: Sicilian style n.2
Type: Gas hob
Number of burners: 4
Product size: 60 cm x 51 cm
Cut-out size: 55 cm x 48 cm
Customisable in size and aesthetics: yes
Sicurgas safety management system: yes


The product in detail

Few lands can pride themselves on an identity as rich and colourful as the one that characterises our Sicily.
The many facets of the island shine through in the colours that characterise its most traditional art forms: each of the colours used – bright, vibrant, and vivid – is associated with the most characteristic elements of the island, from the blue of the sea to the yellow of the lemons. It is no coincidence that the most representative feature of Sicilian art is precisely the set of colours that characterise the symbols of tradition, first and foremost the famous caretto siciliano (Sicilian cart), a true art form on wheels that over the years has become one of the most recognised and loved symbols of Sicily.

It is precisely the colourful designs of the Sicilian carts that have inspired us to create this Kuttura design, thanks to which you can bring a piece of Sicilian art to life in your kitchen, while letting yourself be inspired by the lively colours of the ceramics to create your dishes.